Why Need To Go Back To Retro Gaming?

Why Need To Go Back To Retro Gaming?

Yeah, after reading the main caption of the topic you must be startled. Well, that’s why you are here. So, getting to the main course, in the present scenario, we’ve have had experienced a lot of next-gen games with decent visuals and entertaining gameplay elements. But in the end, many have criticized these so called money laundering titles. Gamers, you know what we are talking about.

Just two words are enough to get the gist-“Marketing Monopoly”. Developers as well as publishers have become more money-centric and emphasize on quantity rather than quality. We aren’t going to talk about the rest. So without wasting any of your time, let’s frame the reasons for going back to the old times.

Why We Need To Go Back?

# Anyone can play them

Yup, even though the traditional consoles are not available, anyone can play the best GBA games, Nintendo or Sega titles online or via emulators on their PC/mobile device. You don’t even need a decent hardware to play those. In fact, you can have loads of fun without even spending a penny. The reasonable classic PC games also won’t require much amount of resources to run them. If you are a graphics fanatic then you’ve to rule out eye-candy visuals from your expectations though.

# To respect our ancestors

True that our ancestors only laid the foundation of new era games that led to many possibilities never imagined and seen before. So, how did they do it? What makes them so great? Their primary focus was not earning some backs but rather pursuing their passion in the industry.

They concentrated on quality especially, so that people won’t even regret for a single moment while playing their games. This was the overall mentality of the developers during that period. But at present, the devs and publishers desire to win the horse-race by earning a substantial amount of capital. Very few developers tend to keep quality as the primary concern.

# Many games haven’t been explored yet

Yes, you heard that right. Due to a lack of proper social media platform and a dynamic audience, most of the games have been left unseen. If you start exploring those you’ll be left dumbstruck realizing those ancient games showcased a great deal of advanced/tactical gameplay elements that are even not in use today.

One such example would be the Metroid series of games. The concept of warps, portals and a lot more high-tech stuff go way back people.

# Classic storyline

This is an actual fact. If you look back at the traditional games, they really featured some great plot details though not as long compared to the present era games. They didn’t feel identical in any sense and looked very much engaging.

Not only did the devs care about engaging the audience with addictive gameplay but also a dark-plot that teased their brain out to set their nerves.

So, what are you guys waiting for? It’s time to go back to the retro world!

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