How to play metal assualt online

Metal Assualt : How to play metal assualt online?

Literature is a large garden which is adorned by different plants in different seasons. While some are like roses that outshine other flowers in blossom but wither in the wind quickly, some are more of pine-style that gives off enduring light fragrance in all ages with persistent life. Classic works belong to the latter category. And narrow down to the Chinese classics, one of the four is Journey to the West, which is the right inspiration to the game Warrior Saga.

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Warrior Saga, a turn-based strategy web MMORPG, is set in the framework of the famous classic story, in which a master and his three disciples trek long distance from nations to nations, slay various monsters standing in the way, and finally finish their mission in honor.

Against similar background, Warrior Saga will take players into a mottled world full of adventurous journey, thrilling quests and engaging combats, etc.
Good storyline also need terrific graphics to display and vivify. In this game, the artistic design will win this game due appreciation with its fantastic game world, in which players may blend into without knowing it, no matter where they are located is the boisterous boulevard in the city, creep caves above the precipice, or peaceful patch under the valley.

And its excellent visual effect does not constrain in the static scenarios but also reflects in the dynamic combating actions, especially those gorgeous fights in the air.
This game is made up of a wide range of playable systems.

There are six different factions with culture-related back stories players can opt to join in, a choice that will influence their avatars with regard to the possible skills to learn and attributes to possess.

Players can equip their characters with up to eleven different items, such as bracers, necklace, ring, aircraft and the like, each with intrinsic attributes like defense or offense as well as auxiliary features which can be crafted to change or enhance. Playing alone is all right if players choose to but they do not have to. Companions are available, with assistant pets and allied friends.

Besides, players can also form master and apprentice relationship with one another. At level 10, players can apply to become a disciple and rise as a master at level 30. In addition to the combat-related systems, there are also activities concerning collection, crafting and cooking, etc. And subscription featuring the 81 types of barriers in the Journey to the West is accessible for players above level 40 to brace themselves against more difficult tasks and combats

Play metal assualt online

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