Best Android Speed Boosters for speeding up your Android device

Best Android Speed Boosters for speeding up your Android device

Have you already tried dozens of Android Apps on Play Store to boost your smartphone’s performance and still you haven’t noticed any great change or improvement in your Android phone’s performance? You should believe until now that these apps don’t really work –but listen – some of them actually do work. You just need to choose the right apps. It not that easy that you click a button and suddenly your Android phone starts working at great speed. You need to look after a ton of things to ensure maximum performance from your Android phone.

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These are most notable things that you need to do:

  • Ensure that there are no apps running in background
  • Delete useless apps or apps that you don’t use at all
  • Make sure that you do not have used some apps that reduce the performance for saving the battery
  • Ensure that your phone is not affected by malware or virus

Once you have followed the above guidelines, then you can install these apps

DU Speed Booster

Du Speed booster is a killer of embedded apps that run in background and put an extra load of processing on your phone. DU Speed booster search and clean such processes. It also has the functionality to automatically dump unnecessary data that starts with the auto-start apps. You can also delete caches from your phone by using this app and can residual apps’ data to open up more storage on your smartphone.

This app has a very clean interface with a purple colored futuristic looking layout that encourages you to open this app again and again just for fun. You get auto notifications when you need to boost your phone, you also get a record of all affected files from the boost and can choose that which files should be cleaned and which should stay.


Greenify puts your apps into hibernation state and reduce the background processing. This can affect periodic tasks, alarms, widget updates, push messages and more. It is simple to use but is a very intuitive and a powerful app that takes the responsibility to empower your phone and greater the speed. You always need to double check that Greenify doesn’t hibernate those apps that should not be hibernated.

Greenify can also be used as Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature for devices running on previous Android versions. This app is completely free and is one of most promising apps on Play Store for boosting your phone’s performance.

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