Best Android Messenger apps for Android

Best Android Messenger apps for Android

Are you in search of best messaging apps for your Android or iOS phone? We have gathered a small list of some of the most finest Android messenger apps for your phone. If you have your favorite ones, then mention them in comment section for the community.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the most popular messenger app on PlayStore and iOS. It’s because that the Facebook has the largest social community and most of them who have smart phones use their messaging app for chatting with their friends and family members.

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It has lots of cool features like stickers, symbols, GIF files and you can also send voice recordings. Now they have also installed a live calling system by which you can have a live video call just like Skype.


Go SMS Pro is one of the most popular texting apps available on Android. It’s also has a free version but premium version contains a lot of cool features that the free version does not have. The best thing about it is that you get a ton of free themes and also a ton of other free features including dual SIM support, delayed text messaging, SMS blocking and much more.

You can also use privacy box to send private messages and can also encrypt messages to your friends. It also contains some mandatory features for a text app like emojis and stickers. It can be a bit heavy but is worth a try.


Hoverchat is a free app that also contains a premium version that will cost you about $3.99 – it was formerly known as Ninja SMS. It’s kind of a unique sms application which comes with a lot of features.

Hoverchat does not use your full screen; it just pops up a small window and allows you to chat from there. That’s a very cool feature if you don’t want to exit what you are currently using.

You can use many other features such as drag and drop, emojis, encryption (which is known as NSA mode) and you can also use this app on full screen as well.


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